• Background to the Donegal Women's Centre Background to the Donegal Women's Centre Donegal Women's Centre provides a space where women can pursue their own healing and development in a safe, caring and supportive environment. The centre developed from the coming together of a group of women in the late eighties who were committed to responding in a holistic way to the emotional, psychological, social and educational needs of women in Donegal.
  • Information on the two conselling services Information on the two conselling services The Centre provides two counselling services. The first is the dedicated domestic violence counselling service funded by the HSE. This is delivered in the Donegal Women’s Centre and outreach centres - in Killybegs, Ballyshannon, Donegal Town, Bundoran Falcarragh, Dungloe and Carndonagh. The second counselling service “Donegal Community Counselling Service” provided by Donegal Women’s Centre and at our outreach centre, is a community based, non-set fee, confidential, client – centred counselling and psychotherapy service.
  • Information on Services Information on Services Donegal Women’s Centre offers a range of services to meet the identified needs of women in the county. Our services include: - Ilash Clinic - Listening service


Donegal Women’s Centre is a holistic place of healing for women where not only the services we offer, but the Centre itself, supports the healing process, and truly honours the feminine. We are positively committed to improving Women’s status in society, opposing discrimination and eliminating violence and injustice to women.

We abide by Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children.