Phone support for mums with children under 4 – COVID 19 Response

Are you struggling with mothering a child under 4? Parenting is hard enough but with the added stress of our current health crisis, it is especially challenging.

An accredited Counsellor is available to offer phone support during the COVID – 19 crisis. Counselling offers you a space to talk through what you are feeling or to understand what is going on for you in a supportive and non-judgemental way. Kate is there to really listen to you; to hear what you actually say and to help you explore the thoughts and feelings behind your words.  She recognises your choice to live your own life and, unlike well-meaning but often opinionated family members or friends around you, will not try to tell you what you should do!

To make an appointment, please text Kate on 085 271 3413. 

This service is funded by the Irish Family Planning Association and Crisis Pregnany Agency