New Year Digital Cleanup

Rather than a big wardrobe purge or a diet makeover, we want you to try something just as life-changing. DWC’s Digital Cleanup is for those of us who love the connection of social media and group chats, but recognise they’re not the best for our mental health.
? Have a think about how these apps are making you feel before and after you use them.
?Clear out your follow list. If fashion influencers or personal trainers make you feel like crap, search for common terms (eg “fit”) in your follow list and remove them. Same with that cousin or friend of a friend who tries to take you down a peg every now and then for no reason. Block/mute/hide as needed. They’ll never know.
? Every group chat has that one person who never replies. That could be you! Protect your peace and mute all the notifications, or let them know the truth and just leave completely (if it isn’t too awkward.)
Give your mental health the best chance for 2023.

Last Reviewed on 24 Jan, 2023