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This is the live recording of our Saturday Morning mindfulness experience with Easkey Britton, PhD for International Women’s Day. The session was recorded via Zoom.
Questions for Easkey begin around the 26-minute mark, where she shares some guidance on cultivating calm throughout the day, and some literature she has been enjoying.
A Message from Easkey before we begin:
If you can, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. If you live in a shared house, with family or a partner, ask them to honour this time as quiet time, and to not be disturbed.
Give yourself 10 minutes before the session starts to settle into yourself, perhaps by preparing a grounding cup of tea and making your space cosy and comfortable before we begin. For the guided visualisation practice we will be sitting our lying still for over 10 minutes so you may wish to gather cushions / blanket.
Very much look forward to celebrating the wisdom of our body and breath for International Women’s Day with you all.