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Sexual Health Information Project

Sexual Health is an important part of over-all sexual health and well-being.  Being sexually healthy includes the emotional and psychological aspects as well as being physically sexually healthy.

The Sexual  Health Project  develops an awareness of the importance of information and education in young people’s lives.

Donegal Women’s Centre’s Sexual Health Information Project provides information on:

  • ilash Clinic—FREE Sexual Health Clinic – It’s location and access
  • Services provided in Clinic for safer sex – Pregnancy prevention and STI’s
  • ilash Free Counselling service
  • Information regarding referral to other related services i.e. Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU), STI Clinic
  • Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Service
  • Services provided by Donegal Women’s Centre – Smear testing & Counselling

Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion (F.P.S.H.P)

This programme is delivered in conjunction with Health Promotion and Improvement.

The F.P.S.H.P. is a 10 day comprehensive capacity  building programme for service providers who want to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge in the area of Sexual Health Promotion and incorporate sexual health into their work.

The F.P.S.H. is for service providers from health, education, community and youth sectors who have the potential and capacity to undertake sexual health within their organisation.

Contact Details

Eilish Mc Art
Co-ordinator Sexual Health Education Programme or ring 087 622 1520


This project is funded by HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.